måndag 29 november 2010

Council meeting in a winter setting

This weekend (26-28 November) we have had a planning meeting for all the heads of department in the Jamboree Planning Team and the Jamboree Executive Team. This was the eight time this group got together, and as always the atmosphere was great with a lot of constructive discussions and exchange of ideas. The focus of the meeting was the delivery phase of the Jamboree, with staff planning and the organizational structure at the camp. With only 240 days to go until the Jamboree, we are now entering a very busy phase with lots of final planning!

We also welcomed guests from the World Scout Bureau, and took this opportunity to award the Gustav Adolf medal to the Secretary General of WOSM – Mr Luc Panissod. The medal is given to Scouts who have done exceptional work for Swedish Scouting and has been awarded to very few people outside Sweden, and we are happy to say that Mr Panissod is one of these. By awarding him this medal we would like to thank him for his support to Swedish Scouting.

As this was the last time this group got together before Christmas, we also had a small Christmas celebration where we drank the traditional Swedish hot beverage glögg and ate gingerbread cookies. The department heads also made Christmas decorations inspired by their departments. With this the entire Jamboree Planning Team and I would like to wish you a happy holiday season!

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