söndag 9 maj 2010

Second Advisory Board meeting

Two more hours remain of our second Advisory Board meeting and it has been an intense meeting with a lot of topics on the agenda. But we started the weekend with a great tour out in the archipelago outside of Stockholm. A quite long boat trip took us out to Sandhamn which is one of the islands most far east before you reach the open ocean.

At this meeting the topics have been Execution organization, IST and HR issues, participant food, safety, logistics, program activities, subcamp life, contingent support and Camp in camp.
We have learned a lot about the different areas and we have had very good discussions which have given the different departments good advice and an increased understanding.

We will have one more meeting before the jamboree, February 2011, but I'm sure our members of the Advisory Board will follow our planning along the way and as well beeing our great ambassaders around the world.

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