söndag 21 februari 2010

Internal and external ambassadors

Jamboree ambassadors are one of our most important channels to create interest and enthusiasm for the jamboree around the world and I have during the last two week’s met many different groups that will spread the word in diverse areas. Today I gave a presentation and a status report to the boards of the different scout associations in Sweden and the board of the Swedish Guide and Scout council. We also discussed important questions like how to ensure a high level of participants from the host country and how to make the jamboree project become an energy boost and not drain the organization.

Last week I met external ambassadors representing the Region Skåne Council, the landowner and the governor of Skåne and next week we will have a meeting with the municipality council in Kristianstad. We are getting a great support from these partners and by keeping them updated and informed about the progress of the jamboree planning we identify areas of collaboration and make them committed and comfortable of spreading the word.

The jamboree site covered in snow. Lars Carlsson, Head of Site Services, tries to imagine what it will look like in the summer of 2011 when the whole world moves in to the field.

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