måndag 21 december 2009

Happy new year!

This year the Christmas cards from Sweden give the right picture of the landscape, the temperature has been below zero for a few weeks and the snow is deep and shimmering white. A view that is very far away from the green open summer fields of Rinkaby, but totally right for a joyful and relaxing Christmas holiday.

The jamboree is coming closer, one and a half year to go, and it’s getting more and more fun!
2009 has been a busy year and the jamboree planning team has grown a lot and do now reach over 400 members. In an organization that big you can’t and shall not know about everything, so now and then I hear about fantastic ideas and plans I had no clue about, all guided by our idea of Simply scouting – this gives me energy and confidence.
But it’s not only the planning team how works with the jamboree today. All over the world scouts and leaders have started their journey and the first step is to decide to go to the jamboree. In the beginning of the new year we will open the registration and I’m very excited to see how many scouts that will come from your country.
I wish you all a happy new year and good luck with all your scout activities and preparations for the jamboree!

All the best,

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