torsdag 12 november 2009

African Regional Scout conference

The last day of the conference in Ghana – my first conference in Africa and a very well organized meeting. Even at this conference we were a big team from Sweden and the reason for this is not only promotion, the most important part is to meet and learn about the countries and cultures in the region. During the days here we have had the time to talk to almost all the countries represented and we also had a HoC gathering.

And finally, even in Ghana we gathered representatives from the youth forum to listen to their expectations and discuss their way of communicating. We thank you all who contributed, your feedback is very important for us!
Right now we are waiting for the closing ceremony and tomorrow it’s time to go home again. But this time we will have some time before the next conference – Arab region in January.

söndag 1 november 2009

Asia-Pacific Regional Scout Conference

It’s time to sum up the days at the conference and the conclusion is that we are very happy and satisfied! It has been a week full of meetings, around 50 countries were represented, half of them from Asia Pacific. Our participation in the regional conferences mainly aims to promote the jamboree, but actually equal important is to meet the different cultures and talk to all the countries. We have learned a lot this week and we are already looking forward to next conference. Africa – here we come!

One of the top activities this week was a gathering with some 25 youths that attended the Youth forum just before the conference. Enthusiastic and curious they shared their expectations about the jamboree and they also helped us to understand how young people in this region communicate today.

We also took the opportunity to meet the heads of contingents or contact persons for the jamboree represented at the conference. A summary of the information given at the HoC Visit in August was presented and we got the chance to get feedback and build a dialog.
And during the week our Facebook fanclub has got close to 1000 new fans – are you one of them?!