tisdag 5 april 2011

Third Head of Contingent Visit

The third and last Head of Contingent Visit before the jamboree was held last weekend in Malmö. Some 150 scouts from 57 countries attended and about 100 from the Jamboree Planning Team were there as well. The participants received a lot of information and hopefully all feel well prepared and enthusiastic to go home and do the last preparations within their contingents. It was a very good atmosphere at the meeting and we hope that this will continue during the jamboree as well.

It's hard to find a better opportunity to release the jamboree song than on a truly international event as the Head of contingent visit so at 9 pm Saturday night Daniel Lemma and the Jamboree band entered the stage and played the world release of the jamboree song "Changing the world" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Te8FbB76jzcbe.com/watch?v=Te8FbB76jzc

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