fredag 28 augusti 2009

First meeting with the Advisory Board

The whole world gathered in Kristianstad two years before the jamboree! To advise the jamboree executive team and the departments – that’s the role of the Advisory Board and the group consists of experienced people from all over the world. The group will meet with us three times before the jamboree and this time we met in Copenhagen and went by train up to Kristianstad which is one of the ways to travel to the jamboree in 2011. During two days we introduced the members to our ideas, concepts, organization and management principles. We got a lot of feedback and the group definitely gave us advice and helped us to identify areas we have to continue to work with. This first time the Communications department and Site Services department got the opportunity to present some of their concepts and get feedback from the group. And of course this included a visit to the camp site and an explanation about the design of the site. At this time there actually were some activity at the field because three different activities will take place this weekend in the area, BP Fellow event, Heads of contingent visit and Scoutforum whish is a inspiration gathering for the Swedish scouts. So we got the great possibility to look at the new toilets that will also be used during the jamboree and Alexander Wong from Hong Kong took the opportunity to test it or maybe just he rested his legs.

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