lördag 9 maj 2009

Euro Arab meeting

This weekend I have the privilege to attend the Euro Arab meeting that this time is held in Åhus, just a few kilometers from the jamboree site. About 60 people from both the Europe and the Arab region are attending and the program has been full of workshops, presentations about projects and informal meetings. Yesterday we also did an educational tour to Malmö and on the way back we made a stop at the jamboree site, which was very much appreciated. It is something special to walk around on the empty field and try to imagine what it will look like with 30 000 scouts running around.

Today the jamboree team had a few hours to present the jamboree and to discuss a few questions where we like to get input from the different countries. The theme for the workshops were Faith & Beliefs and Contingent support, and a lot of interesting aspects and ideas were raised and the planning team will take them with us in the preparations.
Tonight we will enjoy a dinner which will be hosted by the municipality of Kristianstad, the number one jamboree town.

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